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  • Master Student in Computer Science at Arizona State University.
  • Was working with Barclays (Barclaycard US)
            as Senior Developer.
  • Winner of global Think Tank Innovation program at BarclaycardUS.
  • 1st runner-up at Bfuturemind (Barclaycard Hackathon).
  • Worked at Samsung HQ in South Korea.
  • Skilled in writing Spring based Restful/SOAP Webservice and backend capabilities,using MVC, Integration,Security,Batch.
  • Experienced with NoSql db redis and functional programming Scala.
  • Excellent understanding of Dynamic Programming and obsessed with recursion
  • Strong proficiency in Data Structures, Algorithms and Optimization.
  • Conceptual understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and design patterns.
  • Strong skills in architecture design and development using Java .
    • Date of birth : November , 1992
    • Address : Arizona State University, Pheonix, USA
    • Email : prsheth1@asu.edu
    • Phone : (+91) 4804061328
    • Skype : prit.sheth
    • Interest : Algorithms, Hackathon, Competitive Coding, Big Data, Distributed Systems


    Technical Skills



    • Polygot programming
    • Event enabled/Message oriented design
    • Usability/Experience design
    • Lean and Agile development
    • Rest API design and Implementation
    • Layered Architecture
    • Object Oriented Design
    • Domain Driven Design
    • Optimization
    • Advanced Data Structure
    • NLP
    • Machine Learning
    • Web Development
    • Algorithms


    Senior Software Developer - Barclays

    March 2015 - June 2017

      - Develop Restful & SOAP API for consumption by various channels including IVR, Mobile and customer application.
      - Was responsible for projects like creating Collection service from scratch,fraud re-engineering.
      - Following TDD and BDD.
      - Unit & Integration testing using JUnit, Mockito and Cucumber.
      - Production Monitoring/Support using CA Introscope and Appdynamics.
      As a part of Team :
      - Mentor new joiners and bring them to speed with transaction and fraud domain.
      - Responsible for story estimation, task planning and distributing user stories & tasks among team.
      - Reviewing code before goes into production to have zero defect code.
      - Production support on any issues or queries related to transaction & fraud domain.
      - Regularly conducted technology discussion sessions covering broad range of topics - Enterprise Integration patterns,Design patterns,AOP(Aspect oriented programming),Hadoop,Java 8 Lambda expressions & stream programming,Scala.

    R&D Engineer - Samsung R&D institute

    July 2014 - March 2015


      1) Development on the protocol layer in the Mobile Software - 3G and LTE technology.
      2) 3GPP specification implementation and knowledge of LTE/GSM Protocol specs.
      3) Production support for any severe issues.
      4) Participating in design discussion and global conference.
      5) Filed an idea “Lyrics Viewer” for PATENT at SAMSUNG R&D Lab:- Platform:Android & Tizen OS Description:This application aims to all smasung gear device connected to samsung mobile via bluetooth.Automatic display of lyrics on gear while listening to any songs .

    Intern - Samsung R&D institute

    Jan 2014 - July 2014

      1) Training for 4 weeks on Android and 3G,4G protocol stack.
      2) Developed IMS call flow analyzer which is used for mining/analysing logs of network layer.
      3) Worked on various android versions including Ice-cream Sandwich, Jelly-beans,Jelly bean plus, Kitkat OS upgrade .
      4) Feature Discussion and Enhancements for WCDMA/LTE Layer1.


    Bachelor Degree in Computer Science - Nirma University,Institute of Technology

    June 2010 - July 2014

    Core Subjects(with Grade): System Programming (A), Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (B+), Computer Architecture and peripherals (A), Principle of Compiler Design (A), Computer Networks (B+), Operating Systems (A), Mobile Computing (A), Information Theory and Coding (A), Advanced Microprocessors (A), Internet and Web Development (A), Computer Graphics (A)

    Master in Computer Science - Arizona State University

    2017 - 2019 Current

    Advance Courses Foundation of Algorithm, Distributed Software development, Machine Learning, Data Mining


    Web Design

    HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

    App Development


    Scalable System Design

    load balancer, proxy

    Optimized Algorithms and Data structures

    Compititive Coding: Codechef, leetCode

    Big Data Solution

    Scala, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Pig, Hive

    Financial Domain

    Event driven, Scalable System, Web Services



    • was the mentor of Prit Sheth in Global Think Tank Innovation Contest held at Barclaycard and run by MasterCard. His ingenious idea of a Smart Recommendation Engine not only became the only project from India to qualify but also won the contest. He has proven himself as an exceptionally committed collaborator who consistently asks questions and seeks guidance when needed, to improve his understanding of the business, technology, and solutions.

      In the final round, he had pitched his idea to the CEO of Barclaycard US and other executives and Innovation Council. The presentation was very well received. In my time with Prit I observed him as forward thinking yet grounded in the technology that would both limit and enable the solution. He would be an asset to the program and I offer my highest recommendation.

      Jared Young - Senior Director (Existing Customer Analytics) at BarclaycardUS

    • Prit is one of the most motivated, intelligent and innovative young developers I've worked with in a long time. I have done the pair programming with him on some of the very crucial projects of Barclaycard US. As a developer, he was very detail oriented and emphasized on object-oriented and functional thinking. He had a good knowledge of the software architecture, frameworks, and big data technologies.

      Prit has a positive attitude and is always pushing the technology fold with unrelenting passion. We were also together in Tieto Hackathon and developed Insurance Insulin application for healthcare domain and have become one of the top 12 teams who made it to the final round.

      I feel that his thoroughness and pragmatic analytical abilities represent his competency. It is with pride and enthusiasm that I give my recommendation to Prit in all his future endeavors.

      Anayonkar Shivalkar - Senior Developer at BarclaycardUS

    • It gives me an immense pleasure to talk about Prit and share my experiences while working with him. We started our career together at Samsung R&D as an intern in NWS team (Network and Wireless System) and then continued as full-time developers for more than a year. During the internship, we developed an "IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Call Flow Analyser" application which can be used to analyse the issues faced during IMS calls made using the Session Initiation Protocol.

      The very first thing that stood out about him is his immense aptitude for learning. When we started out on the project, we had little or no knowledge about the protocol stack but by the time we finished, Prit was already showing his skills in the Protocol team with his knowledge. Our Project wouldn't have seen the day if not for Prit's sound knowledge of Java and Android. He did an excellent work on the application and we came out with a working prototype well before the stipulated deadline.
      Consequently, he was given the responsibility of being a part of the team onsite at the Samsung Headquarters in Korea and worked on Samsung flagship models and Android Lollipop upgrade projects. During our tenure together, Prit not just only showed some exceptional eye for details but also earned plaudits from Senior members of our team for his contribution. On a personal note, I can not thank him enough for making a significant contribution to my career through his productive feedback and advice.
      He certainly is an asset to whichever organization he is associated with.

      Akshit Gaur - Senior Software Enginner at Samsung R&D institute

      • It’s been almost 2 years since I know Prit in my capacity as Project Lead at Barclays. I was working with him as part of core Business API team of Barclaycard US group. His duties include, but are not limited to, requirement gathering, taking participation in Iteration Planning Meeting, convert user stories to code and delivering the user stories on time. I have been consistently impressed by his attitude towards learning, dedication towards his work and his performance on the job.

        Prit worked with me on two projects as a senior developer and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the excellent developers we have ever had. He got the recognition for creating a robust design for collections service project. He is also one of the outstanding developers who got the promotion within a year at Barclays.

      Prit is an exceedingly positive asset and worthy employee of Barclays and I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

      Vaibhav Malhotra - Tech Lead at BarclaycardUS

    • it has been my pleasure to have worked with Prit on various projects (such as creating an assembler, online monitoring system etc) and extra curricular activities since we were classmates at the Nirma University, Institute of Technology. He has shown a great understanding of various scalable algorithms and designs. <> Prit has stood out as one of the most hard working, passionate and driven individuals I've had the honor of working with. He has excelled in every challenge I've seen him face and I would strongly recommend him for any team.

      Jeet Shah - SDE at AWS (Amazon US)

    • We worked together on various projects at Samsung Electronics(SRIN). We were moved to new technology stack as part of R&D. His ability to learn, and desire to perform helped the team. he shows sincerity towards his work with minute details to development which helps team to build robust system. Prit is a really hard worker, and a great team player.

      Aashish Siotra - Tech lead at Samsung R&D institute

      • I have worked with Prit for about a year in fraud and transaction domain for Barclaycard and have learnt a multitude things from him. A techno enthusiast , Prit has good knowledge in web services,Frameworks,Design patterns, Algorithms which helps the team to deliver complex project.Being a team player as well as a congenial person Prit illustrates great mentorship skills be it any kind of queries/help or support whether it is related to domain knowledge or related to coding.He is excellent at maintaining a great balance between his professional as well as social life.

      Also,his adaptability allows him to deliver effectively in any circumstances as well as collaborate with other teams. Prit is definitely a huge positive for the team.

      Amit watve - Intern at Google and ACM ICPC Gold medalist

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